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The absolute best dry cleaning service in Charlotte. AJ's is a family owned business with laser focus on SERVICE. They offer same day service 5 days a week ,pick up and deliver, use earth friendly chemicals and always provide the best customer service. You cannot find a better garment service in Charlotte. Period.

Carla Loftis | |

So happy I found this place! They saved my dress from being ruined by another dry cleaners. Amazing customer service, perfect service quality and convenient central location. Definitely recommended. Thank you!

Katsiaryna Areshka | |

The best Jerry, the best.

John C. | |

They are hands down the best dry cleaners in town. I used to switch dry cleaners frequently. Everywhere else in town does a terrible job, at least in my experience. AJ's has the best quality I have yet to find anywhere, the friendliest staff, and they are willing to work with you. Their location is awesome since its right in the middle of the city, parking is a bit of a pain, but it's not a huge deal for me. I rather go somewhere where my close are cleaned, and pressed, properly than somewhere that has a big parking lot and terrible service. Not to mention that it is the nicest storefront I've yet to see in a dry cleaners. From my experience many are run down and dirty... Why would I want to get my clothes cleaned a place that doesn't even dust its countertop? I don't regularly leave reviews, but it has seriously been the biggest pain finding a quality dry cleaners, so I am happy to find AJ's. I honestly can recommend them enough!!!!

Patryk G. | |

AJ's has always taken care of my dry cleaning needs at an affordable price, especially considering that they have their facility in uptown. Highly recommend them. Friendly staff makes it even nicer.

Phil C. | |

Hands down the best cleaners in town! Staff is alway friendly and my clothes return perfect every time!

Sheryl Vaugn | |

Great prices, very friendly, later hours.

Haley Dugger | |

Easily the best service I've ever gotten at a dry cleaners.

Jon O. | |

I've been using them since I moved to CLT in 2015. Mark and Lucy are the best. Always friendly and very good/quick service.

Dan F. | |

Awesome place to get my clothes done. Great customer service and the owners and employees are very friendly. The only drycleaners I have been to that has such a nice storefront. And they do delivery which is awesome since I travel so much!

Patryk G. | |

Never left a review in my life. I've been going to this cleaners for over a year now and have nothing but good things to say. I am always greeted and welcomed with open arms and have never experienced any issues with their services. Can not recommend enough, these guys are the best of the best!

David S. | |

AJ's has always taken care of my dry cleaning needs at an affordable price, especially considering that they have their facility in uptown. Highly recommend them. Friendly staff makes it even nicer.

Phil C. | |

The customer service is second to none, and I can depend on receiving notification when my garments are ready or have been delayed due to a holiday. Their pricing is reasonable for the excellent service that is provided. My most recent experience; I was having more shirts altered to fit me since they've done an awesome job the first time. I would not go to another cleaners and will be a repeating customer!

Kevin W. | |

AJ's is an incredibly friendly, convenient, and reliable cleaners. They really care about their customers. Coming from a small town, I can appreciate walking into a business and having them know me by name. Aj's brings the small town hospitality to the city of Charlotte. On multiple occasions they have helped me save some pieces that I truly thought I'd ruined forever. They have mended holes in my jeans, gotten ink stains out of my boyfriends shirts, and most recently removed a nasty ketchup stain I got on my white sweater! I rarely leave reviews, but given how many times AJ's has come to my rescue, it's worth taking the time. As long as I continue to spill things on myself and nearly ruin my clothes, I will continue to use AJ's!

Emma Paulina | |

Been a customer since the first day. Top notch service. Highly recommended.

Stephen Ho | |

Nice store, great work, and convenient services. They offer pickup and dropoff at my house, which is great!

Ron G. | |

Very good and convenience. A little pricey but worth it.

Gilberto B. | |

Was visiting from out of town and their same day service helped out a lot. Really great place when you need any clothing dry cleaned!

Victor S. | |

Great Service, great customer service. It is a family owned business and they are very friendly and know they business. Owners are always on site and available to answer questions and make sure the work is done right. They offer same day delivery and always ask if I want same day delivery or not. The system of texting when they are done is super nice.

Armando Assis | |

A great addition to our community .. great service & good people to do business with!

John Lowery | |

I had an important boards exam that I had to make and noticed that I had ink stains on my white coat. So I stopped in on the morning of my exam to see if there was anything that could be done and I was helped immediately. Not only was the price great but the results exceeded my expectations - they were able to remove the ink stains and I picked it up just a couple hours later. I knew I had a demanding request and they were able to not just meet it but have it ready early. I was incredibly pleased with the results so if you're looking for a good reliable dry cleaners this is it!

Amanda G. | |

They always have great quality and service. It's very convenient for me working in uptown. They do their cleaning onsite. I never had a problem with cleaning, or time frame. AJ'S Cleaners is the best cleaners in uptown Charlotte. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! GREAT WORK!!

Hugo D. | |

I received prompt and amazing service and am looking forward to returning to get my suit dry cleaned again!

Lucy Carreno-Roca | |

AJs is a very family oriented business that delivers great quality! Not to mention makes it effortless to get your clothes dry cleaned. They have a great location uptown and same day service available or if you are more consistent they just started offering free weekly pick up and delivery (even to Sedgefield!) The couple that owns the cleaners has their son take care of drop off and delivery and he very trustworthy/polite and always accommodating, and he loves dogs (lucky for us). Can't recommend this dry cleaners enough!

Meaghan B. | |

Same day service really helped me out of a bind. Convenient location if you're uptown. Highly recommend.

Anonymous | |

Great place!! Check them out!!! Great service, customer service and cleanest clothes!!!

Michele Saternow Powers | |

Saved my best friends wedding!! I brought in my BF's wedding dress, hours before the wedding with scuff marks on the sleeves. They remained calm and professional. Not only did they remove the marks as though nothing was there, they steamed the dress and had it to me in less than 15 minutes!!! And it is the cleanest dry cleaners I have ever been in! Thanks again!!

Karis Z. | |

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